My Bible Is My File Cabinet

My Bible Is My File Cabinet

My Bible is my file cabinet
I’m ashamed to say.
I use it for filing
The things I need each day.

In Genesis and Exodus
I put my schedule – when I come and go,
In Numbers the church budget,
And employment applications in Job.

In Joshua, sports ministry
And the church’s Walk-A-Thon,
To build a larger building
Seven times bigger than this one.

In Chronicles some history
Of our church so long ago.
In Psalms and Proverbs
Poems and quotes so apropos.

In the Prophets pictures
Of Pastors past.
With the biography of the one
We got at last.

The church bulletins set in Hezekiah.
Which really isn’t a book.
I just put this in the poem.
To see if you were taking a look.

A crocheted cross in Matthew,
To Mark the Gospels’ trace.
In Acts, with missionary newsletters,
Some tracts prayerfully placed.

In the Letters, one from my Aunt Mary,
With Peter and Paul,
It’s getting pretty full now.
I hope it will hold them all.

And in Revelation
An old weather forecast – history,
It looked like rain,
But it’s always a mystery.

But even after Revelation,
In “The Helps,” you see,
Church workers names and emails,
Email back – I hope, to help me.

And in the very, very back,
Scratch paper – a slew – for message notes,
To be placed in whichever Books
From which the sermons are, for us folks.

So now you see my system,
For this I’m getting a name.
My Bible is my file cabinet,
For this I am ashamed.

— Charles B. Mayes

Copyright © 2011 by Charles B. Mayes.  All Rights Reserved.

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This poem is from the book, A New Year Resolution and Other Poems (including The Missionaries) by Charles B. Mayes, 2011.  The foreword  by Dr. P.T. Mammen, Senior Pastor, International Christian Center, San Jose, California.

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