Work At It With All Your Heart


Work At It With All Your Heart

In 1967 a man of God came
To Ozark Bible – now Ozark Christian College,
With his wisdom, humor, and knowledge.
The school would never be the same.

Working with all his heart:
Teaching piano, band, and advising the radio station,
Directing the Brass Choir to Impact Brass and Singers,
Traveling all across the nation.

The groups, talented gospel musicians,
Hours on the road touring by plane and bus,
Presenting full multi-screen programs.
Lives transformed – in Jesus, teens trust.

One letter from a young person:
“Thank you for coming to our town.
Because of your programs last weekend,
A lot of kids have changed their lives around.”

Later this man – duties in Recruitment, PR, and Alumni.
These days Director of Conventions and Publications.
Doing his work unto God
So students can communicate salvation.

Retirement – What will the Lord have in mind?
Completing 46 years at the College – Wow!
But still employed by God.
Another road to travel now.

“Who is he?” you ask.
He’s Meredith Williams.
His choice to serve the Lord.
And always up to the task.

(Colossians 3: 23 – 24)

                    — Charles B. Mayes

Work At It With All Your Heart  © 2013 by Charles B. Mayes.  All Rights Reserved.

This blog is dedicated to a man who has had a great influence on my life.  His story unfolds in the Spring 2013 issue of the Ozark Christian College Compass
[ ]  pages 13 -16 – “The Little, Unknown Band Director from the State of Kansas.”  Please take time to read it.

I had the privilege of being in the Impact Brass and Singers during 1970-’71 including the first Summer Tour in 1971.  This 65 day bus tour across the United States was an experience not only that I will never forget, but one which changed my life.

The  poem above hangs on Col. 3 from where we took most of our programs during that Summer 1971 Tour.

I wouldn’t take anything now in trade for that adventure.  The road was long; the churches many times looked the same (and some were because they had the same construction company); but the ministry was exciting  and the fellowship was sweet!  Thank you, Meredith!  Have a great retirement!

Some of my other poems are available in a chapbook titled, A New Year Resolution and Other Poems (including The Missionaries) by Charles B. Mayes. It contains 22 poems. The foreword is written by Dr. P.T. Mammen, Senior Pastor at San Bruno (CA) International Christian Center.

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