Our God of Blessings

Count Your Blessings

Our God of Blessings

When we look at our lives,
We see all the time,
The blessings of God,
The blessings sublime.

It’s not that we expect them
Or know that for sure.
It’s those surprises He gives us,
For depression – a cure.

Now as we walk
Along His way,
The blessings on us,
They light up our day.

— Charles B. Mayes

Our God of Blessings © 2014 by Charles B. Mayes. All Rights Reserved.

Illustrations/graphics supplied by GospelGifs.com are copyrighted and used with permission.

Has God ever surprised you with a wonderful blessing you weren’t planning on?  Look around.  If not recently, think back.  He wants to bless His children and it’s all right to ask Him for blessings.

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