As the Sun/Son Rises: Readings in Parallel

sunrise and boy

As the Sun/Son Rises: Readings in Parallel

As the Sun Rises

As the Sun Rises,
What a glorious view
Of yellow, orange, and red –
Beautiful hues.

I take the time
To thank God for a day, new
Of life, of Jesus, of blessings
Of loved ones, too.

When the Sun Rises utterly,
I relax with mind, not cluttery
With Bible and hymnal in hand
I ready myself for worship within.

I thank God of heaven
For that sunrise He made.
What a wonderful way
To begin a new day!

—Charles B. Mayes

As the Son Rises

As the Son Rises,
A glory to view,
Bursting forth from the opened tomb
Yellow, orange, and red hues.

We take this time
To thank God for Life, anew
Through Jesus’ resurrection
Showing His love for all, too.

When the Son Rises utterly,
His peace brings clarity, not cluttery
With His Word and singing hymns
The Disciples now worship Him.

We thank our God of heaven
For sending His Son to rise.
We trust and obey,
As we begin a new day!

— Charles B. Mayes

As the Sun/Son Rises: Readings in Parallel (As the Sun Rises and As the Son Rises) © 2015 by Charles B. Mayes. All Rights Reserved.

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These Readings in Parallel might be used as a Reader’s Theater. One person could read the poem on the top and another person the poem on the bottom or vice versa. Also, the first verse on the top could be read, then the first verse on the bottom, etc. or the first verse on the bottom could be read, then the first verse on the top, etc.

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Thank you! – ”As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.’ ” (Holy Bible – Acts 17:28)



. . . Showers of Blessing – Literally

sing - piano

(Illustrations/graphics supplied by are copyrighted and used with permission.)

. . . Showers of Blessing – Literally

The Citywide Hymn Sing group, braving heavy rain, in the throes of a drought, enthusiastically sang the opening hymn, “. . . Showers of Blessing” led by that evening’s MC – Larry Pine. This, last Friday evening, February 6th at Bethel Church, 1201 South Winchester Boulevard, San Jose, CA 95128.

As part of the program, I had the privilege of reading some of my poems and presenting a vocal rendition.  (See my part below.)

Larry’s wife, Sharon, who accompanied me, is a terrific evangelistic style piano player with her own remarkable technique.

During the hymns, besides piano, the accompanists were excellent clarinet, flute, and bass saxophone players.

If you live in the San Jose area, or even visiting, come on over to the Hymn Sing! See the details below.

“You pick the hymns. This is an inspiring time of singing by the audience. No preaching, no pretext, no fees, just hymns. Put your hymn request on a paper, and we sing as many as we can from 7:00-8:30 p.m. Hymnbooks are provided. Meets the first Friday of each month except July.” (Larry Pine)

They usually meet ”in Lee Hall, at the back of Bethel’s main building on the ground floor. Park in the back and look for the signs.” (Larry Pine)

Here is my part of the program which was passed out to the attendees.  Please take time to read the scripture verses. (The poems are on this website.)

♥ Some Poems and a Song ♫
Charles B. Mayes


Opening – Lighten Your Burden – Ps. 91:11

He’s Already Taken Care of It
2 Chronicles 20:1-30

It Is No Secret – Stuart Hamblen ♫ – Ps. 112:4,7; Ps. 28:7

February ♥ :
Mother and George Washington – Jer. 17:7
Wake Up American Christians! – Jn. 8:36

When Children Pray – Matt. 18:3-4
I Don’t Have A Father – Ps. 68:5
Children Praise the Lord: A Thanksgiving
Day Reading [with Actions (see website)] –
Matt. 21:16

Right Where I Was – Ps. 63:8

Closing – Our God of Blessings – Deut. 28:6

I really appreciated the invitation from Larry Pine and enjoyed being at this gathering.

Charles B. Mayes – ”As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.’ ” (Holy Bible – Acts 17:28)