Our Hope and Prayer

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Our Hope and Prayer

Today 2015
The prophecies
Are being fulfilled
In dynamic ways revealed.

God wants us to trust
Him in all things,
As we watch and pray
Each changing day.

Pray without ceasing,
Pray with your family,
Pray with your friends,
If you want to see amends.

Satan in our land today –
With us doesn’t toy.
Everywhere going –
Destroy! Destroy!! Destroy!!!

God needs to hear our prayers,
As we fervently ask
For mercy –
“Please forgive our nation for the past.”

God powerfully could change this picture,
As we pray, in unity, against Satan’s foils.
Turning this land back to Him,
Making Satan recoil.  Our Hope.

— Charles B. Mayes

Our Hope and Prayer © 2015 by Charles B. Mayes. All Rights Reserved.

Illustrations/graphics supplied by GospelGifs.com are copyrighted and used with permission.

We need to pray for our country that we will return to God’s paths. Prayer is our only hope.

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