Poems, He Writes

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Poems, He Writes

He seals his poetry notebook.
His oculars blurry,
But still unpremeditatedly manuscripts the last word
In an instantaneous hurry.

The diurnal course is failing.
Only the midnight oil now to burn.
The hearthside is tempestuous.
The log cabin noiseless until day’s return.

But soon he is quiescently somnolent.
His head collapsing to the fore and back,
Like a bobblehead,
Because repose he lacks.

He dreams of his teacher
Of English, so good,
As he sits in the classroom
Hanging on her every word.

She writes on the board,
For all to see,
In 8 inch tall letters,
The word, “CLARITY.”

She proceeds to tell them
Why so important it is
To say what you mean
In simple communication.

As he awakes,
Embers glow behind the fireplace grate,
He opens his notebook
And then sits up straight.

He looks through his verses
To see if he can see
Any writing to simplify,
Any easier words that might be.

And as he thinks
How his poem might end,
The morning sky has turned bright
And the sunshine comes in.

— Charles B. Mayes

Poems, He Writes © 2016 by Charles B. Mayes. All Rights Reserved.

It’s good to write clearly over using some fifty cent to one dollar words.  These big words may show that we know these words, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that we communicate.  Savvy?

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” . . . creative energy evidenced through every line . . ” – Dr. P.T. Mammen

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