Plan It


Plan It

We plan it and we do it.
We think it works that way,
But sometimes
Our best planned plans just go astray.

Occasionally we see things coming,
But many times not.
There are so many life surprises.
They may leave us distraught.

But one thing’s always certain –
The Lord’s with us now and all the time.
He cares and keeps special watch on us
Just to make sure that we are fine.

So as we continue through our lives,
We must trust the Lord’s will
To gently guide us,
As we listen to His small voice still.

— Charles B. Mayes

Plan It © 2016 by Charles B. Mayes. All Rights Reserved.

One sure thing is that there will be uncertainly in our lives.  This is when we need to continue to trust our Lord Jesus Christ.  He was and is our Rescuer and Leader.  As Leader, He not only goes before us, but also walks beside us.

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