Running to the Manger

Running to the Manger

Running to the manger,
Following the angel’s direction,
The shepherds hurried to Bethlehem
Little time for reflection.

Just before this
The announcement given,
By the angel,
From the starry heavens.

“Don’t be afraid.
Good news I bring.
Go to the manger
And find the Baby King.”

“Glory to God.”
The angels’ words ring.
“Peace on earth.”
The shepherds’ hearts sing.

When they arrive
Seeing Jesus in the straw –
They were in complete wonder.
They were in complete awe.

Then spreading the word
With no hesitation
To everyone they saw
With no reservation.

Are we seeking the manger
And to those on our way
Telling His Story,
Not just on Christmas holidays?

— Charles B. Mayes

Running to the Manger © 2017 by Charles B. Mayes.  All Rights Reserved.


We should also run to the manger with this same excitement of the shepherds.  Then we must continue our enthusiasm by sharing the Good News with others.

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