There Is A Bridge

bridges-03There Is A Bridge

Suspended over unfathomed depths,
There is a bridge, not very wide,
But people decide to traverse it daily,
Eyes drawn to the other side.

Some won’t travel this lean span,
But choose a different wider way,
“Plenty of room and safety
To get me across,” they say.

While others know that
This is the only way to go,
Across this stained wood,
Safely from the abyss below.

Of wood and nails,
This bridge was cheaply made,
But with toil and love
A big price once was paid.

You see this Bridge spans
The gap between mankind and God,
And has supported people
Who, one way, from past to now, have trod.

Salvation comes by the Bridge,
Laid down by Christ before,
As He gave His life on the Cross,
So many could cross o’er.

                                                                           — Charles B. Mayes

There Is A Bridge © 2013 by Charles B. Mayes.  All Rights Reserved.