Children Dream About Heaven: An Ascension Day Reading






Children Dream About Heaven: An Ascension Day Reading

I dream I’m here.
I walk over the greenest grass,
And see the bluest sky.
It’s heaven. The streets like golden glass.

And with me and you –
A big smile on every face.
There’s no Sun or Moon
Because God lights up this place.

With lofty slides, swift swings, and bouncy trampolines,
The playground is triple fun
Where the playing keeps on –
I am never done.

Then I get to sit on Jesus’ lap.
He laughs with me.
(The Savior with the scarred hands and feet.)
Then I jump up and run. I feel so happy and free.

I could dream for along time.
Heaven’s there forever –
An eternity.
I would want to leave, never.

— Charles B. Mayes

Children Dream About Heaven: An Ascension Day Reading  © 2020 by Charles B. Mayes. All Rights Reserved.

Ascension Day is celebrated, in some churches, 40 days after Jesus’ resurrection honoring when He ascended to Heaven.  We know that Jesus has gone to prepare a place for us and will come again!  [See John 14:1-4 and Acts 1:9-11 – Holy Bible.]

Children Dream About Heaven: An Ascension Day Reading is written to be used as a Choral Reading, but could also be a Readers’ Theater by dividing up the verses among the children and having them read different parts. It is meant for children in the Elementary grades.

I hope that you will enjoy having your children perform this or read the poem itself!

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Other poems are available in a chapbook titled, A New Year Resolution and Other Poems (including The Missionaries) by Charles B. Mayes. It contains 22 poems. The foreword is written by Dr. P.T. Mammen, Senior Pastor of San Bruno (CA) International Christian Center.”

” . . . creative energy evidenced through every line . . ” – Dr. P.T. Mammen

 Happy Ascension Day!

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