When Our Preacher Came to Dinner

When Our Preacher Came to Dinner

It’s something I’ll always remember,
When our preacher came to dinner.
Not what you’d think –
Nothing about Heaven or sinners.

He stepped in the door smiling.
Our family loved that man of God.
He enjoyed telling jokes and stories
Almost everywhere he trod.

Mother had the best spread
With roast and all the trimmings,
And apple pie for dessert.
My anticipation brimming.

But she called me to another room
And declared the meat I must pass.
“Not plenty for us all,” she revealed.
“Not enough to last.”

I knew my favorite pie
Would be at the end of the way.
Mouth watering.
The highlight of my day.

“You didn’t eat all your dinner.”
Mother broke the silence of the group.
“So no dessert for you!”
Then I knew I’d been duped.

But this didn’t really happen.
It was from someone who’s a good spinner.
Guess who told this story at the table,
When our preacher came to dinner?

— Charles B. Mayes

When Our Preacher Came to Dinner © 2020 by Charles B. Mayes. All Rights Reserved.


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