Living in the Blessing: A Christmas Thanksgiving






Living in the Blessing:
A Christmas Thanksgiving

The kid wanted that bike all year.
Smiling, walking quickly toward the tree,
The climax of begging his parents daily,
The shiny bike was there.  See!

As he jumped on it,
“It doesn’t have a horn –
A beeping one, with a red button!”
He looked so forlorn.

So from that time
To the next Yuletide
He kept pleading for the horn.
Greater, greater, greater magnified.

Then when Christmas arrived,
The next year,
The blaring horn on his bike

He had the blessing,
But it turned out bittersweet
Because he wasn’t satisfied
With only that bike to keep.

Shouldn’t we live in the blessing
This Christmas and all way?
Shouldn’t we thank God for it
Each and every day?

        — Charles B. Mayes

Living in the Blessing: A Christmas Thanksgiving  © 2020 by Charles B. Mayes.  All Rights Reserved.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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“Really like this poem. [Christmas Is A Family Time / Navidad es época familiar]                  My favorite line was about the star not being on the tree.  Also relating the ornaments to the gifts from the wise men.”  Nancy R., Kansas, OK.


“I really enjoy your poetry.  I will start sharing in my Sunday school classes.”                         Travis B., Asbury, WV.

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