NOT Alone

NOT Alone

When I first moved to The Villages in late 2016, it was the first time in my life I ever lived alone.  I soon visited our Chapel, but only attended a few times before my cancer returned.  Following surgery and various treatments, I experienced horrendous after effects and multiple hospitalizations, and was homebound nearly 2 years – home alone in my new home where I knew almost no one.

God had already put me through prior periods of “training” with a brain tumor, prior cancer, and the heartbreak of divorce.  I KNEW he was faithful then and that he would be faithful again.  You may be feeling lonely during these extended months of pandemic isolation, and you too can recall how God has sustained you in the past.  Psalm 77:11-13, I will call to mind the deeds of the Lord; yea, I will remember thy wonders of old.  I will meditate on all thy work, and muse on thy mighty deeds.  Thy way, O God, is holy.  What god is great like our God?

Focus on God is a deliberate, conscious CHOICE.  It’s okay to get on the Pity Pot, but NOT to stay on it!  Our two choices are to 1)  remain tearful and fearful, thus adding to our problems by dwelling on them; or 2) trust the Lord.  As the words of the old hymn say, Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.  Choose to abandon the negativity.  2 Cor 10:5, …take every thought captive

A wondrous part of being a Christian is being part of the Body of Christ,  The family of God for me includes two congregations I belonged to before moving here.  When I needed prayer and support, the Chapel Prayer Team was there for me even though I did not yet know them.  All three of these church families upheld me in prayer.  We truly are NOT alone.  Even Moses needed Aaron and Hur to hold him up (Ex 17).

God has specifically placed each one of us in our particular homes.  This time of continuing social restrictions is the perfect time to show our neighbors that they are not alone–someone cares!  This past year is the first time I’ve ever made daily walks a habit, an easy thing to do with all the extra time and living in this beautiful locale brimming with God’s creation.  As I leave my front door each day, I pray that God will make me a blessing to someone, lead me to someone who needs a smile or encouragement, that he’ll guide my steps. Often I do pass others for such “divine appointments” just as you may do.  Pray for boldness to speak his truth and be prepared to give account of the hope that is within … (1 Pet 4:5). We must use our words to give hope and give God glory.  We KNOW God is faithful.

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I am so happy to have a guest author for this post, Bonnie Barthel. I have known Bonnie for several years and she has a wonderful walk with our Lord despite many setbacks in life. She challenges us to be faithful to Him no matter what the circumstances.

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Happy Easter! – ”As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.’ ” (Holy Bible – Acts 17:28)