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10th Anniversary – ChristianPoetryPublishing.com
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November 2011 – November 2021
“To Rally ‘Round – A Little Closer to Heaven”

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” – John 10:10 (Holy Bible – NIV)
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Anniversary 10 – Amen

By – Charles B. Mayes

IN 2008 SOME HARD CIRCUMSTANCES opened my eyes to my total dependence on God. From this emerged my ministry of writing Christian poetry readings seriously and frequently.

“I do enjoy the poems and they do always point to Jesus.” Anonymous

THROUGH THE YEARS as I’ve been on the website, I also distributed printed readings through individuals, churches, and the LifeWay Christian Store community center.

“Love your poetry writing! So complimentary in the common faith!” Chanel B., DE.

I WANT TO THANK all my email and WordPress followers, LinkedIn readers, and visitors to my website for your continued support.

“I’m sorry that it took me so long to thank you for your wonderful gift of poetry.
As I was reading your poem, [Independence Day] the images of the people celebrating Independence Day and being proud of this day came to me as if I was watching a nice short movie. I was very moved.” Daisuke (Luke) S., Mountain View, CA.

MY APPRECIATION also to Samuel Rondón Acevedo who has done an excellent job translating  some of my poems into Spanish.

“I just read ‘Mistaken Identity.’  It is very moving, and one of your best.”  Joan M.-H., Muskogee, OK.

ALSO THANKS to my sisters, Nancy and Cherry, and Pastor P.T. Mammen for their encouragement from the beginning.  I appreciate the excellent editing of my wife, Dolores.  I thank my nephew, William, for helping greatly with the domain.

“I really enjoy your poetry.  I will start sharing in my Sunday school classes.”  Travis B., Asbury, WV.

LORD WILLING, I want to continue to minister through these poetry readings.

“You keep writing, I’ll keep reading!” Steven C., Oregon.

God bless!

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POEMS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE in a chapbook titled, A New Year Resolution and Other Poems (including The Missionaries) by Charles B. Mayes. It contains 22 poems. The foreword is written by Dr. P.T. Mammen, Senior Pastor of San Bruno (CA) International Christian Center.

” . . . creative energy evidenced through every line . . .” – Dr. P.T. Mammen

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