The Eve of Christmas Eve: A Reading in Three Acts





The Eve of
Christmas Eve:
A Reading in Three Acts

Since Christmas falls on Sunday
With Christmas Eve Service, too,
Might be tough on the folks –
That really won’t do.


There was something even better
Than Christmas Eve this year,
At the church down the road
With the pastors so dear.

It’s that big building.
That’s pretty old.
But a place where the Gospel
Is always lovingly told.

Since Christmas falls on Sunday
With Christmas Eve Service, too,
Might be tough on the folks –
That really won’t do.

Act 1

The morning of the Eve of Christmas Eve
Would set the stage just right,
For the awe inspiring program
Which would happen just tonight.

The children were all ready.
They’d memorized their parts.
They knew them so well.
They knew them all by heart.


The technician adjusting slides
So sound would be OK,
And also make the lighting
Point exactly the right way.

Mrs. Jones was calling
Some persons she’d invited
To remind them to come
At 7:00 p.m., she’s excited.

This Pastor was praying
Upon his knees this morn’,
That tonight’s program
Would Jesus Christ adorn.

Now just before tonight,
Time for all to rest,
To make this Christmas Eve Eve
The very, very Best.

Act II

The Eve of Christmas Eve
Was a very special night.
Each person attending
Showed exceptional delight.

First, it was carol time
To sing those old greats,
About the Birth of Jesus.
They could hardly wait.





Then the children filed in.
The place silent became.
A song about Jesus
The quiet night He came.

The Center was packed
With the children on stage.
Even the balcony full.
The congregation engaged.

This Pastor sat on a couch
By a framed stable scene,
Where he would narrate,
This holy night theme.

Mary and Joseph came out.
No room at the Inn.
No room for Jesus,
Where tonight’s story begins.


With deep feeling
This Brother did read
About the shepherds’ sight,
What they did see.

One child wearing a robe,
And staff in their hand,
Looked up – up – up high
Where the angels did stand.





Now time for a song
With piano so soft.
A solo is heard, clearly,
Even way up in the loft.

The children kneel and point
To the direction of West,
As this Minister told of the wise men
Who gifted their best.

And then the three boys,
Off, by stage left went.
Another way, than entering
From where they were sent.





Recitation – a poem.
When would she start?
But soon that powerful last line
“I can give Him my heart.”

This Preacher opened his Bible
And spoke with great zeal.
Birth – Life – Death – Resurrection.
Rebirth in Jesus, he appealed.

And then what happened
Was to everyone’s awe.
The front full – wise seekers,
Everyone saw.

To the world joy –
Melody to the ceiling ascends,
As one voice,
Everyone sang at the end.

Christmas Eve Eve –
What a very special night.
Children and audience –
All hearts Bright.






The Eve of Christmas Eve almost done,
The Lead Pastor came forward
To address the crowd
Before it was over.

This humble man of God,
Said that he cared
About this church
And why it was there.

He encouraged each
To follow their dream,
To use their talents for the Lord
As the children they’d seen.


Following Christmas Eve Eve
All did linger longer,
Having sweet fellowship
With so much to Ponder.

— Charles B. Mayes

The Eve of Christmas Eve: A Reading in Three Acts © 2022 by Charles B. Mayes. All Rights Reserved.

Graphics: – copyrighted and used with permission.

Today’s reading (poem) is much longer than usual and is based on a real situation of Christmas being on Sunday and the church wanting to have a Christmas Eve Service, so they decided to have it on the Friday evening before Christmas. Thus, the Eve of Christmas Eve!

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