A New Year Resolution



A New Year Resolution
Psalm 54:4

As the New Year dawns before us
We will humble pray
That we may trust in our Lord Jesus
Each and every day.

We don’t know what ill awaits us.
We don’t know what good.
But we will trust Him now and always
So we’ll do what we should.

As we see the days unfolding
That God holds there one by one
We’ll trust Him more daily
And remember how He gave His Son.

So walking through the days
We’ll ponder our God helper in the past.
So during this New Year we won’t wander
But stay by Him to the last.

— Charles B. Mayes

A New Year Resolution © 2022 by Charles B. Mayes.  All Rights Reserved.

Graphic:  GospelGifs.com – copyrighted and used with permission.

We don’t know our future, but we know who holds our future.   We have seen Him help us in the past, and He will continue to help us in the future.  Our part is being faithful to Him, as He is faithful to us. 

“Look, my God will help me.
My Lord will support me.”
(Holy Bible – Psalm 54:4 – ERV)

Happy New Year!


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