A Forest Memoir






A Forest Memoir

The forest west of Santa Rosa,
The calm white Russian River peeks through the greens,
In my car on the road through the forest
My children frolic like little birds in a stream.

Between the redwood trees
An Airstream with a dazzling metallic sheen.
The blind belief that manmade is an antonym for the natural
Overturned by the mysterious harmony scene.

A bonfire creates various contours in the darkness –
Barks of the trees, a silver lining,
Browned marshmallows before they become s’mores,
The eyes of my children shining.

A late night due to card games, maybe a dream.
Glimmering frost and clear sky make my eyes bright.
The waning moon at dawn, the sun beginning to rise,
My heart filled by the sparking hours of last night.

        — Daisuke Sato

A Forest Memoir © 2023 by Daisuke Sato.  All Rights Reserved.

Graphic: sdnet01 – pixabay.com

(The word Airstream is permitted to be used for non-commercial purposes.)

I am glad to introduce my ESL student, Daisuke Sato, as my guest poet.  He shares his thoughts about a recent trip he and his family took.  He has done a wonderful job!

The lines below are particularly meaningful –

The blind belief that manmade is an antonym for the natural
Overturned by the mysterious harmony scene.


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