Our USA Congress Prayer and Our American Prayer

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Our USA Congress Prayer

We should pray for all in Congress
To know Jesus Christ as their friend.
To know Him personally from within.
To follow God’s Word, start to end.

Jesus Christ is their only Hope
For Salvation of their soul.
To live with God in Heaven
Should be their priority goal.

We need to pray for all of Congress
Who do not follow Him.
He is the only light they have.
Now their trust and Salvation needs to begin.

Our American Prayer

If we all follow Jesus in the USA,
Then our freedom will come back,
Just as it has been taken away.
Pray! . . . Pray! . . Pray!

— Charles B. Mayes

Our USA Congress Prayer and Our American Prayer © 2021 by Charles B. Mayes. All Rights Reserved.

Graphic:  GospelGifs.com – copyrighted and used with permission.

We should pray for our USA Congress and for each other as citizens of this country.  Our only hope is Jesus Christ.

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Curtain Up!

Curtain Up!

Curtain Up on the stage of life!
This New Year’s drama starts
With you on the stage,
As the foot and spotlights
Both shine bright.

Not a lark.
You’re excited, yet fearful
In this program to embark.

All thespians ready to move
Through each scene
With dilemmas quite a few.
Plots thickens as characters careen.

You trust your Heavenly Director,
The Lord Jesus Christ.
Dealing with the lying antagonist.
Dealing with the sacrifice.

Whether showstopper or upstaged.
Whether dialogue or soliloquy.
No bit parts here.
The finale is Heaven’s eternity.

Curtain Up on the stage of life!
A New Year – looking ahead.
With Christ, nothing to dread.

— Charles B. Mayes

Curtain Up! © 2021 by Charles B. Mayes. All Rights Reserved.
Graphic:  StuartMiles – freerangestock.com

I usually write something here about my poems.  The inspiration for this one comes from two persons.

The first is my high school communication teacher, Joan [/Jo-Ann/] Murray-Hogan.  She taught English, speech, radio and TV broadcasting, and drama; and was active in productions for many years.  We enjoy talking on the phone from time to time.

The second is Steve Dini, a spokesman and on-camera talent, who has been teaching high school film studies, radio broadcasting, and drama for many years.  I met Steve during an internship I did at KICU-TV.

Thank you and Happy New Year!


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